Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Trellis Chart in Tableau with Pie Chart Grids

 Design  a trellis chart with  7x7 grid of  pie charts for Category and Sales for all states in "Superstore Excel" as Below.

Step 1: 

Create X and Y axes Calculated Fields to Get 7x7 Grid.

        Above X-Axis logic will combine every 7 Values together in a row.

       Above Y-Axis logic will count values from Top to Bottom and restart for every 7th Value.

Step 2:  

Design  worksheet with following steps.

   Drag X axis to Columns and Y axis to Rows. 

       Change the chart type to a Pie Chart. 

        Drag&Drop State on Detail

          Set the X and Y axes to "Compute Using..." --> State.

Step 3:

 Create the Pie Charts

    Increase the size of the circles. 

      Drag Category on Color and Sales on Angle.

        Put State on Label.  

        Reverse the Y axis. Finally it displays the desired output.

       Remove axes. 

Thanks Guru's,

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