Thursday, 21 July 2016

Finding Renewal of subscriptions

Design a view to see all of my customers who have returned and bought again over time.(Renewals).

Step 1:- 
Add quarters to columns (right click and drag for dialogue box to open) 

Step 2:-
Add Customer Name to rows 

Step 3:-

Count customers who have renewed

Create a calculation that checks if the customer's current purchase is greater than 0 and if the previous purchase was greater than 0. 

In other words, did the customer purchase more than once in a row?

Step 4: 

Count customers who have renewed only once

  Step 4.1: 
  Create a calculation that sums up the counts of renewals 
  Step 4.2:
   Modify the calculation so that only one instance of the sum      of renewals remains.  

     Step 4.3: 
     Compute each calculation appropriately.


Create final viz

  Step 5.1:
  Put Final Renewals on the Rows shelf

    Step 5.2: 
    Put Customer Name on Details 

     Step 4.3:
     Break Final Renewals up by Segment. 

Thanks Guru's,

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