Monday, 29 February 2016

Projects&Content Management in Tableau Server

Creating Projects&Moving the Content in TableauServer:-
   Create 2  projects for following departments:
     Operations and Sales.

  • --Create a Data Sources Project. This project will act as a repository for           the data sources to be shared among the departments.
  • --Move the following pieces of content found in the “default” project:
1.  The “dtreeviews” workbook belongs to the Operations      Department
2. The “NewsArticle” workbook belongs to the Sales Department
3.The “Superstore” data source belongs to the Data Sources  Project.

1.    Login as the Admin User,Click on  Content section and the Projects subsection of the toolbar

2.    Click the “+ New Project” button
      3.Enter project name as– Sales Project and description as– 
      4.This project will hold all of the content related to the Sales department.
      5.Click the “New Project” button

6.    Repeat steps 2-4 for the Operations Project and the Data Sources Project

7.    While still in the Content section, click the “default” project to find the desired workbooks and data sources
8.    Find the first workbook: “dtreeviews” and click the top-left corner of the workbook to select it
9.    Click the “…” button to bring up the available options that you can apply to the “dtreeviews” workbook
10. Select the “Move” option

11.    Select the “Operations Project” from the list
12.    Click the “Move” button

13.    Repeat steps 8-12  for the “NewsArticle” workbook (Remember: “NewsArticle” belongs to the Sales department”)
14.   In the “default” project, select the “Data Sources” tab

15.    Select the “Superstore” data source
16.    Click the “…” button to bring up the available options that you can apply to      the “Superstore” data source
17.    Select the “Move” option

18.    Select the “Data Sources Project” from the list
19.    Click the “Move” button

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