Saturday, 18 July 2015

Tableau Server Logging Levels

The different types of logging levels in Tableau Server are:-

5)Info (the default)

These Log Levels can be interchanged and if we change log level to Debug (or) Trace,it will have significant impact to performance,because it increases the amount of information to be logged.

Saturday, 4 July 2015

TabAdmin Commands


The TabAdmin  is one of the two command line utility tools that installs with Tableau Server.
We can  change Tableau Server configuration settings and perform certain administrative tasks using the tabadmin.

It installs with Tableau Server by default and cannot be installed on other computers.

List of Different TabAdmin Commands:-

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1.Taking the Backup of the Tableau Server

2.Restoring the Backup File

3.Cleaning the Log Files

4.Export/Import a Site

5.Setting up AutoStart 

6.Changing the Logo of the Tableau Server

7.Changing the Name of the Tableau Server

8.Zipping the Tableau Server Log Files

9.Activating Tableau Server License Offline/Online

10.Granting/Revoking System Admin Capability

11.Creating a Newkey to encrypt the Sensitive Information

12.Displaying the licenses Information for Tableau Server

13.Resetting the password






19.Changing the Configuration Settings

TableauServer Backup


A Tableau Server administrator should perform regular database maintenance, monitor disk
usage on the server, and clean up unnecessary files to free up space on the server. Taking
these steps can help ensure that Tableau Server runs with maximum efficiency.
You can use the tabadmin command line tool to back up and restore your Tableau data, and to
clean up (remove) unnecessary log and temporary files. 

Backup file contains Tableau data which includes Tableau Server's own PostgreSQL database, which stores workbook and user metadata, data extract (.tde) files, and server configuration data.

In the command prompt Enter,

     tabadmin backup <backupfile_location>
     For Example,
              Tabadmin backup aim_batch17.tsbak

 It will create a backup file in the bin directory of the tableau server,after backing up different server components.

 To append date to the backup file,add "-d" to the command and also specify the required location to store the backup file in a different location

If we run the Backup command,it will automatically cleans all the log files which are older than 7 Days.

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